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We firmly believe that sensitivity is fundamental to creating excellent wines.

The ability to listen to the land, to perceive subtle changes in the vineyard and to understand the terroir is the heart of our wine production. This sensitivity allows us to adapt, to be forward-looking and to continue to improve, day after day.


Awareness and tradition

We must always be far-sighted to improve, but without forgetting what history and experience have taught us.


Winemaking the transformation process

In our winery, winemaking is an art that embraces attention to detail at every stage, from the vineyard to the bottle. Every day, with passion, we take care of our vineyards. The harvest, the result of a year of work, is the culminating moment, followed by the transformation of the fruits harvested into superior quality wines.


The steel tanks

In our cellar, steel is transformed into a precious tool for the ageing of our wines. This neutral material preserves aromatic purity, allowing the primary aromas of flowers and fruits to be exalted. Thanks to temperature control, we keep the freshness and vivacity of the wines intact. 
Let yourself be conquered by the nuances of Bortoluzzi wines aged in steel.


The cellar, the ageing of the wines

However, the wine cellar plays a vital role for our red wines, inside which each cask and barrel tells a unique story, keeping the secret of a wine that evolves and transforms over time. Wood, unlike neutral steel, communicates with wine, giving tertiary aromas such as vanilla and tobacco, enriching its aromatic complexity. It takes time, care and dedication to achieve perfection.


Taking care of the vineyards located in different areas requires a precise knowledge of the territory. Prevention, with targeted and never excessive treatments, is the basis of our work. The vineyards, treated as gardens, are drip irrigated: an underground system that reduces waste and preserves the upper part of the plant. The green harvest decreases the yield per vine but allows a higher quality of the grapes, harvested by hand when the bunches reach the desired ripeness.