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Giovanni Bortoluzzi credits his education at the oenology school of Conegliano and a background in working as an oenologist for various wineries for guiding his aspirations. In 1982 the dream he shared with his wife Mireide began to take shape when they acquired a handful of hectares of vineyards in Gradisca d'Isonzo: the family estate and winery was established, contemporary to the births of their children, Alessio Alberto and Angela. 

The three siblings have seen Bortoluzzi Estate and Winery grow with them, and they have progressively contributed to the entrepreneurial success of the enterprise.

The winery, surrounded by beautifully manicured vineyards, is set in Borgo Tintor right next to the Via Gemina – the ancient Roman road which connected Ljubljana to Aquileia. The winery has experienced tremendous growth, from its small production of a few thousand bottles to today's 200,000 bottles a year. This radical transformation has come about without ever losing sight of the exceptional aromas and flavours the grapes of this area have to offer.

Knowing the vineyards inside out is his mission: he does the right thing at the right moment in order to harvest grapes of the best quality. Thanks to his love for research, experimentation and continuous study he is able to interpret the smallest details both from the vineyard and from the geopolitical situation and historical events of our time.

Alberto Bortoluzzi / Agricultural Engineer and Vineyards Manager

Organisational skills are absolutely natural to her; she showcases her ability both in the business management and in her passion for travels. In her journey as an entrepreneur she has been appointed to prominent positions in the business community Donne Impresa of Coldiretti, and is President of the Committee to Promote Women's Entrepreneurship in Gorizia.

Angela Bortoluzzi / Administration and Marketing Manager

He learnt the ropes working in the winery alongside his father. The instinct for recognising a good wine, instead, must definitely run in the veins of the family. He chases precision and perfection in every sip of wine, and is hooked on cycling.

Alessio Bortoluzzi / Sales Director and Winery Manager


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Società Agricola Borgo Tintor
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34072 Gradisca D'isonzo (GO)

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