Cabernet Sauvignon

IGT Venezia Giulia



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100% Cabernet Sauvignon
IGT Venezia Giulia

Red and gravelly soil, rich in minerals and microelements.

Excellent sun exposure, good temperature variations, and a characteristic microclimate that is well-suited to these grape varieties.

Grapes are harvested exclusively by hand , stalks are removed and the fruit undergoes approx. 15 days’ fermentation at a temperature of 25° Celsius (77° Fahrenheit). Subsequently, the red wine is aged in barriques and tonneaux, both new and used (maximum 3 year) for about 12-14 months, then blended and left to rest in stainless steel tanks for about a month previous to bottling.

The colour of this wine is as bright as a beautiful ruby ring. It has an intense, herbaceous and spicy bouquet – with woody scents – fruity with hints of the underwood. Delicate on the palate, velvety and pleasantly dry.

Equine steaks and roast red meats, good with game. Excellent also with seasoned cheese.