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“We’re dedicated to creating wines that tell our story, capture the essence of our land, and reflect our passion in every sip.”.

This outlines the philosophy behind the production of Bortoluzzi wines. Each bottle becomes a chapter of a narrative that unfolds between the vineyards, the hills and the family tradition. Each sip is a sensory journey, a compelling experience that connects those who enjoy it to the land from which it comes.


A family-run winery with a tradition that gains strength over the years, increasing the quality of the wines produced.

In Borgo Tintor, wine is not merely a product, it is the passion, love and dedication of an entire family, which, ever since 1982, has been realizing the dream of its founder, Giovanni. A dream always shared with his wife Mireide, who took shape from a handful of hectares of vineyards in Gradisca d ‘Isonzo, and then grew year after year together with their children Alberto, Angela and Alessio, who today run the company.

Alberto – Agricultural expert, vineyard manager

The work in the vineyard involves important timing and accuracy.

Knowing the vineyards by heart is his mission: he acts promptly, guaranteeing the quality of the grapes. Through continuous research and experimentation, he is able to interpret every detail of both the vineyard and the geopolitical and historical events of which he is passionate.

Angela – Administration and marketing Manager

Every moment is an opportunity for growth in the journey of life, through encounters and experiences.

With the organization in her blood and the passion for travel, she ensures that Bortoluzzi wines are known and appreciated all over the world. As an entrepreneur, she is also engaged outside the company. Currently, she is vice-president of Coldiretti Gorizia (former president in the previous term) and regional president of Condifesa FVG.

Alessio – Sales Director, cellar manager

Details make a difference.

The scent to recognize a good wine is in the DNA of the Bortoluzzi family, but everything must be refined and Alessio learned the trade in the cellar alongside his father Giovanni. His passion for wine has been handed down to him, but he has made it his own and it is evident every time he talks about his family’s wines. He is our Sales Director and Cellar Manager, always attentive to every single detail.