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Welcome to our winery

Our world

Enter the heart of a fascinating story that embraces passion, tradition, and innovation. There is a great journey behind Bortoluzzi wines. It’s the story of a family of wine producers who, for over 40 years, have handed down a passion for viticulture from generation to generation, working day after day to create wines of the highest quality that speak of the land where they are from: Friuli Venezia Giulia. A beautiful and generous territory, all to be discovered.

Since 1982, the Bortoluzzi family has been cultivating its vineyards with love and care, respecting its deep roots and centuries-old traditions, but never forgetting to look ahead with an innovative spirit.

Every sip of Bortoluzzi wines is an invitation to travel through the senses, a fusion of flavours that tells the unique story of our family and the land we call home. Each bottle is the result of an art handed down from generation to generation, a testament to commitment, passion and respect for nature.

The Wines

There is a great process behind Bortoluzzi wines, of selection, care and love that is enclosed in the bottle and then released into your glass!

Ad Maiora
Towards greater things! This Latin motto has been the basis of our winery’s production philosophy since 1982.